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Anti-Spam Policy  

MarketingSphere™ has created this Anti-Spam Policy to demonstrate its commitment against Spam. We do not participate in and do not tolerate Spam.

This Notice discloses our policy concerning the use of "Spam" marketing techniques.

We consider spamming to be any activity whereby anyone who, directly or indirectly, send email messages to any other email address without the consent of the other party to receive such email messages or transmission.

We also consider spamming to include the posting of advertisements in newsgroups, message boards, or in chat rooms in violation of the terms of participation or that do not specifically permit advertisements.

Our policy against spamming is a strict one. We do not condone and forbid the sending of unsolicited Emails of any kind to market our programs, products and/or services.

If we deem you to be in violation of our anti-spamming policies, we reserve the right to revoke your rights and terminate your participation in our programs as well as close any active account you've with us. Furthermore, upon receipt of any complaint against you or any other evidence that you may be engaging in any spamming activities, we also reserve the right to suspend your participation in our programs and your account.

If you believe you're being "spammed" by anyone concerning our programs, products, services, web site, or any other matters, please report this activity and forward a copy of the spam email you received by sending an email to and we'll take every legal recourse possible againt them.

We're confident you've understood the above terms.

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