MarketingSphere - Internet Marketing Strategy

Founded in early 2000 by marketing expert, Larry Lim, MarketingSphere's core business is in showing small businesses and marketers how to generate real revenues from their website on a daily basis. It offers businesses and marketers effective marketing solutions on e-commerce, internet marketing, web site promotion, business automation and more.

MarketingSphere's main focus is on researching, developing, and testing highly effective internet marketing strategies, tactics, and automation solutions that business owners and marketers can immediately apply to their businesses and profit from, with the view of taking them to the next level.


To be the most effective Organisation in the Internet Marketing sphere.


To challenge business owners and marketers to optimise their marketing expertise and resources so as to enhance and sustain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.


To Our Customers and Clients

MarketingSphere™ is firmly committed to providing its customers and clients with the most effective marketing solutions based on mutual trust and a long-lasting relationship.

MarketingSphere™ cares and is concern about its customers' and clients' needs and will strive to continuously and diligently service its customers and clients to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

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