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What Is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary". It is a content distribution format that distributes content in a standard (XML) format via news aggregation tools, and services such as "My Yahoo!" and "Bloglines".

RSS benefits both the publisher and the user.

For publishers, it enables them to build a stronger relationship with their existing readership, build content awareness, enhance their brand and drive traffic to their websites easily and with little expense. Furthermore, it prevents their content from being deleted by the SPAM filters if delivered via email.

For users, it enables them to scan the news headlines or brief article summaries and click on those that interest them to read the full text, instead of visiting each individual websites to check out what's new.

How Do I Use RSS?

For users, in order to read the content distributed via RSS, you will need to use RSS Feed Readers or News Readers. There are many Readers available, many of them are free. Most of them are application-based that you need to download and install on your computer, whilst others such as "My Yahoo!" and "Bloglines" are web-based that you sign up for and work within your browser.

RSS Feed Readers

FeedReader : Stand-alone application that sits in your computer systray (free)

My Yahoo! : Browser-based (free)

Bloglines : Browser-based (free)

FeedDemon : Stand-alone application rated as one of the top RSS Readers (Paid)

NewsGator Outlook Edition : Integrates with Microsoft Outlook (Paid)

MarketingSphere RSS Feeds

  1. marketing articles feed marketing articles feed  Highly Effective and Cutting-Edge Online and Offline Marketing Articles by Larry Lim

  2. Add to My MSN Add the above RSS formatted XML Feed to your "My MSN" web-based Reader.

    add to my yahoo! Add the above RSS formatted XML Feed to your "My Yahoo!" web-based Reader.

  3. Marketing Buzz Blog Feed Larry Lim's high impact, profit-pulling, and life-changing Marketing Buzz

  4. Add to My MSN Add the above Atom formatted XML Feed to your "My MSN" web-based Reader.

    add to my Yahoo! Add the above Atom formatted XML Feed to your "My Yahoo!" web-based Reader.

How To Syndicate?

To syndicate the above two Feeds with your Feed Reader, simply click on either the XML or RSS icon and copy the url and add it to your Feed Reader. To add them to your "My Yahoo!" web-based feed reader, simply click on the "add to MyYAHOO!" icon above and follow the instructions from there.

To see how the Marketing Articles Feed will be displayed on your Feed Reader, click here! You of course can also set your Feed Reader to display only the Headlines.

You can also syndicate the above Marketing Articles RSS Feed at your website by installing the free Carp parser at your server. The 'Carp' parser will automatically update and display the content at your website by converting the Feed from RSS to HTML.

This benefits you in the following ways:

  • It adds value to your website, and increases your credibility with your website visitors because of the high quality and valuable content;
  • It increases your Pagerank with the search engines

To see how the Marketing Articles Feed content will be displayed at your website in real-time, click here!

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